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About the Phase 3

PHASE 3 is an astounding extension to the traditional product lines from Burmester. The new PHASE 3 joins the ultimate demands of sound quality and musical culture with modern lifestyle aesthetics in a perfect blend. The design-oriented concept incarnates both the timelessness of the Bauhaus style steel tube furniture and the industrial charm of modern lofts. PHASE 3 consists of the digital all-in-one receiver, the 161 and two B15 loudspeakers.

Below the all-in-one receiver, 161, is a seperate compartment that can house connected devices like a cable box, satellite receiver an Apple TV or any other connected device. PHASE 3 stands for uncompromising high-end sound, intuitive ease of operation via iPad and the renowned Burmester app. The Burmester app provides fast access to thousands of musical pieces along with multiple streaming services including Tidal and combines all these benefits with the design of a modern living sound system.

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The Revolutionary PHASE 3

D/A - Converter

The sophisticated analogue output stages receive their signal from a reference class converter section, ensuring a fineley resolved musical sound image. Sampling rate for D/A conversion can be selected from either 96 kHz/24 bit or 192 kHz/24 bit, according to personal preference. The D/A converter eliminates sound defenerating jitter through a sophisticated clock regeneration.


The 161 All-in-one receiver has a massive list of capabilities. You can play via CD, USB, Streaming, Music Server, FM Tuber, Apple AirPlay, Internetradio and it even has Tidal and Highresaudio integration. The 161 has a fully DC-coupled signal path without capacitors resulting in a precise bass reproduction due to nonexistence of phase shift in the audible range.

Data Safety and RIP Function

The 161 CD Drive cannot just play back CDs, but also rip them in high-end quality that stores their content onto the integrated hard disks. To ensure safety of your valuable music files, the unit contains two mirrored hard drives to back up your data, with a capacity of 2 TB. The cover, track and artist information will be matched with the Burmester database prior to ripping and added.

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The B15 loudspeaker has been perfectly tuned to the design and the high-end sound ambitions of the Phase 3 systems. The speakers are adjustable in height to ensure an optimum listening situation under all living area conditions. The B15 speakers combine the neutral sound character of the Burmester B10 loudspeaker with an extended low-end reproduction.

Future Proof

With all Burmester products you buy a product for life! In addition to the possibility of obtaining future updates via the internet, other web services and content supplies may also be included. This option allows us to supply the customer with the latest features.

Network and WLAN

The 161 features an ethernet socket and integrated WLAN card which is fitted with two antennas. Both antennas are permanently run in parallel so that the stronger wireless connection can be used at all times. That way radio cancellations due to multiple reflections are avoiced. With a built in WLAN card the 161 can serve as an access point for wireless devices such as the iPad.


161 Receiver


Analog Input:

1 x XLR Stereo

Digital Inputs:

1 x RCA, 1 x Toslink

Analog Outputs:

1 x XLR Stereo, 1 x RCA Stereo, 1 x loudspeaker output L+R

Digital Outputs:

1 x coaxial(RCA), 1 x Toslink


2 x 2 TB SSD in Raid 1 Configuration. (1 is backup)

D/A Conversion:

Selectable 96kHz/24 bit or 192 kHz/24 bit



Design Principle:

2-way bass reflex

Power Rating:


Sensitivity at 2.83V/1m:

85 dB



Frequency Response:


Crossover Frequency:


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